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Hapuc12 said:
BraLoD said:

What doom ans gloom? Read the OP before posting.

It's exactly doom and gloom it's not a win win situation even if you use a little of that thing called brain.

You would know,that Nintendo would Sink shit ton of there resources too keep there business alive they don't have other Sectors like Sony with their camera division there Movie division and god knows what else and Microsoft with Windows,Surface pro,Cloud or whatever else etc etc.

That would mean shit ton of jobs would be lost because of Restructuring their studios to comodate for other consoles more resources would have to be put to develop games for PS,Xbox consoles and PC a lot more then their own home consoles.

So you are the one addressing doom and gloom? Then follow your own advice and stop it.

Yiu ask people to stop doing something they are not doing while being the one doing it, maybe you should use a bit more of that thing called brain.