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John2290 said:

I just basically copy/pasted the title. You have a problem with that brofessor? 

The judge who dealth one of the most, thee most sickening  case of injustice in the American and western legal system that I have seen. In which a Judge gave a man who killed 4 people while drunk at the wheel just 10 years probabation for "affluenza" an apparently new term for spoiled rick kid and then immeadiatly retired leaving no statement as to why....?

Well, The dirty bitch finally replied to the media whom I assume and hope are pestering her since the lad violated probation recently and get this. The dirty, scumbag has "No regrets". I would promptly smack this woman up and probably go to jail for life in doing so, but it would be worth it.

Heres the story if your fingers are feeling fatigued.

So, Wanna test how stable and just your legal system is Americans? You Yank need to buck up, if this was Europe there would be riots.

Apparently, you're not even remotely familiar with some of the injustices in the US.   There was a case in Vermont (where I live), where a piece of garbage named Mark Hulett, was sentenced to 60 days for the repeated rape of a child over a 4 year period...starting when she was 7 years old.  As bad as the Affluenza teen thing is, this was a tad more personal for reasons I can't really get into.  Regardless, there've been some gross injustices in America.  Without a doubt.  Some of them are due to the Judge trying to point out issues in the sentencing/rehabilitation programs, however that isn't justice in my opinion.  Highlight the problems w/ rehab, sure, but don't try and make a point by doing something like that.  Fucking disgraceful.

Thats horrid. I should probably remove that blanket statement, its just that this is so satirically bad and transparent. Of course Wako and 9/11 top the autrosotties you lot have inflicted on yourselves thats more of a larger crime on humanity type deal.


China Numba wan!!