Profrektius said:
coolbeans said:
While not super-low scores, I couldn't get enough of White Night and Contrast.

While I've only seen bits of Contrast I'm suprised it had so mixed reviews. Looked really pleasing asthetically and had a pretty unique gameplay mechannic with the shadows.

Also just looked up White Night, and it also looks kinda cool and really artsy.


Also props to OP, for this thread. It's nice to have a positive thread for once.

Well, Contrast did launch with some really pesky bugs (played 360 version).  But I certainly agree.  I did a good job with gameplay+storytelling; using shadows to convey meaning and such.  Posted a review of it back in the day:

White Night on the other hand is just total bullshit.  Slamming a game outright for holding firm to its homage of the fixed-camera angles and checkpoints of old Resident Evil days is distasteful to me, especially when so few seemed to consider whether they worked or not within the context of the game.  

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