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With more and more great digital only titles on console it's no surprise. I bought games like Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Ether One, Outlast, Slender, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture etc. Plus free to play games (with pay models within) getting more popular along with DLC/microtransactions.


Not only that but it makes it easier to access especially for games that you cant find physical copies anymore.

Not to mention the constant sales promotions that PSN/XBL/Eshop/Steam and other DD's provide throughout the year.

There's also a lot of stuff like you mentioned @ bolded/italic and special promotions like giveaways on PC and the monthly free games on things like Xbox Gold and PS+ give the digital market more attention. I think its gonna get bigger from here on out but it may take a few years for something like Ultra mentioned to happen imo - not this gen and probably not next gen.


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