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Guessed by S.Peelman

Yes. Spirit Tracks. I know a lot of people dislike this and Phantom Hourglass and have no issues ranking them as the worst Zelda games ever, but in my opinion, they were both great games - Phantom Hourglass could have been amazing if it wasn't held back by a couple of terrible issues, but Spirit Tracks was not only better and what it did best, but also had no issues throughout, and it led to a phenomenal and very memorable experience. This is easily the finest handheld Zelda game we've gotten in my opinion, and I like it so much because of how unique it is. This really felt like it's own game within the Zelda universe, while not feeling like too much of a departure for it to not belong in the series. The soundtrack was perfection, the dungeons and bosses were amazing, the story was surprisingly very engaging and the final boss has to be one of the best I've seen in gaming.

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