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Guessed by Player2

It's kinda crazy to think about how a game from a franchise I mostly disliked ended up becoming my favorite racing game ever. Mario Kart 8 nears perfection in every way possible, really. The soundtrack is fantastic, the new tracks are insanely awesome and it's clear the developers managed to go crazy and get really creative with new ideas made possible by the anti gravity, the gameplay mechanics feel tight and precise, and the sense of speed is just right (or absolutely crazy awesome in 200cc). Compared to previous Mario Kart games (which I still dislike, actually), I felt like Nintendo tried to make items less overpowered, and it's nowhere near as frustrating when you get hit by something. And of course, the 2 DLC packs that released in the months after release were beyond amazing. If we're never getting a new F-Zero game, it was at least a great pleasure to play through those beautiful Mute City and Big Blue tracks in Mario Kart.

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