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#42 - Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal


Back when I was still bent out on buying all versions of Pokemon (and honestly it was the last time it happened) - I bought Gold and Silver day 1 and bought Crystal a year after day 1 as well. I really really enjoyed the 2nd gen and honestly to me is the main gen alongside 3rd gen I consider to be the best in terms of overall content, pokemon, location (the only other Pokemon game I consider better and that was because of its story is Pokemon Black/White 1). Anyways I remember being hyped about pokemon - for me it was at its climax. Watched movies at the theatre, Pokemon cards were hot topic at school and church, and the anime was revving up popularity points. It was the best time to be a Pokemon fan.

Havent played the remakes but I do plan to play the originals again in the future as a playthrough for my Youtube channel ;o.


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