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Guessed by Anfebious

This is a weird one. Forza 3 was not in my top 50 last year, and despite barely playing it in the 12 months since (I might have not even played it at all, I don't remember), it's now at #45. If anything, over this time I remembered just how much time I put into this game and how much fun I've had with its addicting formula - race to get money, use the money to improve or buy new cars for racing, rinse and repeat. I was pretty proud of the awesome looking customized car collection I had back in the day, and that probably ended up being the reason why I could never get into Forza 4 - because it was basically the same game, except I didn't have all my stuff. To be honest, I haven't played lots of racing simulators in my life, but of the ones I did play, none came even close to this when it comes to being memorable to me.

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