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Ljink96 said:
twintail said:
it's an extremely simplified Pokemon game that is designed for elementary kids.
that is why there is little hype on forums.

Kinda what I guessed but the same thing could have been said about Pokemon in the 90's when we were kids and we loved it and still do. Maybe it'll be this generation's Pokemon or something. And I'm being optimistic here, hoping that it'll take off like Pokemon like Nintendo is hoping but I just don't see it happening sadly.

There is always that chance, for its designed for that young of an audience in mind. But I think the western world is a different place than then, especially in regards to anime.  I personally dont see the anime having that much of an effect like it did in Japan. But, to answer the original question about the lack of hype, I am sure its because the ppl who use forums mostly just dont care. will be interesting to see how it does though.