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Wright said:
BraLoD said:

It's just that everytime I play it... it's exact this, pure magic, I get into it, immersed, and I get myself actually smiling a lot while playing, and doesn't need to be funny moments, it's a pure expression of joy, passion. I know everything that will happen, actually almost every dialogue line as soon as they start, and even so, it's an absurdly rewarding experience. And I like to do that completely alone by the way, any distraction is unacceptable! XD

That's very cool! I have that kind of sensation playing Dragon's Dogma.

I've always read Dragon's Dogma is a great game, I should try it sometime.
But I should try too many other games as well that's hard to try all of them xD
But it's a nice thing, isn't it? Actually even watching people reactions to it on youtube makes me happy.
I've actually watched several playthroughs of it, and it's a pretty big game XD