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First of all I would like to apologize to everyone who kindly gave me support with my old Ocarina of Time thread.
I couldn't progress more with it so the thread just died. I'm thinking about giving it another go sometime in the future, maybe emulating it so I won't depend on anyone to be able to play it, but I don't know if I'll do that. But if I ever get back to the game I'll update the thread as I beat the game.

So, time to the new one, and this time it's another top class classic, Final Fantasy 7.
This game is about to turn 18! It's been so long out there that's almost and adult now, and I haven't yet played it (actually I've ages ago, but just a little bit).
It's time to finish the shame, and nope I'm not going to commit Seppuku, I'm gonna beat it!
No more kids pointing to me in the streets saying: look mom, that's the guy who never played FF 7.
No more hiding in the shadows, no more shame!

I don't know how often I'm playing it, but I'm beating it! It's right there on my PS3.

I've started it last night and gone a little further than what I've done in the past, blowing up the first reactor and reaching a hideout place near a huge tower after leaving the train. I've stopped there last time ages ago and this time as well, but this time I've actually entered the hideout and done stuff there, passed the night and I'm just about to leave it.

So, until now, me impressions:

First what mostly got my atention was the Music, the music is amazing, I've only listened to afew soundtracks and it's already standing out to me, I'm loving it.

The graphics are okay, this was what held me more on doing it, I wanted to avoid getting the digital version and playing at a big screen, but well, I've recently experienced The Legend of Dragoon in the same way and I'm using it as a base, how I know it looks with a PS1 and a old screen and how it looks with the digital version in my led screen. I'm happy enough with how it looks now and I'm sure it would be even better, so I'm okay with it. The few scenarios I've seem until now looks great though.

The battle system, the battles are random and even possible in places I find strange but oh well, the battles go quick, I'm using the Active ATB so that helps, nothing so new here, it's enjoyable and makes you get active.

One thing I think I'll be enjoying a lot is this Materia system, seems really cool right now, and I remember my old FF7 fanatic friends talking a lot about it as well, I'm looking foward to it.

Another good point is that the game give us choices, all the time I'm able to choose between things, I don't know how much will it affect the game and the story and most of them seems to be just to you have the option to say something else, but it's a great point.

I also love the npcs having multiple dialogues, it's not just the same text box every time you talk to them, some have 2, 3 or even 4 of them, and it's actually some nice stuff to read as well, I'm enjoying it.

The characters also seems to be great, they are very unique between each other and it makes them feel a little more real, I'm looking foward to their development.

So it's about it right now, FF 7 actually do remind me of LoD in some points and I like it XD
It seems I'm about to get in a really good adventure, and I'm excited with it!

I don't know if I'll update this thread as I play more, or as somethings happens or just after beating the game, I wanna avoid spoilers the most, so I'll think about it, I don't wanna post things here and end up knowing what will happen next because someone was kindly answering me and gone a little too far.

Thank you all for your time, and I'm sorry for the big post.