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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Wii U / Retro Studios / 2014
Guessed by TruckOSaurus

The amount of hate that this game got for not being Metroid was kinda unbelievable. It took some convincing, but when Tropical Freeze was released, it was clearly shown that Retro Studios were onto another fantastic project and I'm glad they stuck with it. This is easily my favorite Donkey Kong Country game as well as my favorite platformer, with some very stellar level design, visuals and soundtrack (in fact David Wise wrote my favorite video game soundtrack ever right here), as well as a good enough amount of content and incredible replayability. But the thing that really stands out the most for me in this game is how it manages to always feel different with each new level while still remaining consistent in its themes, while surprising the player every few seconds. Tropical Freeze is an absolute masterpiece of a platform game, and I can't wait to see what Retro is working next (and admittedly, I want it to be something else, though I'd still like to see them round off a DKC trilogy later).