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Final Fantasy VII, one of the greatest games of all time will finally be playable on the PS4 in 2015. It isn't the remake of the game some people want, but I think it may be better than a remake! For starters it is a port of the steam version, so the resolution will be higher than the original anyway, something for the graphics fans out there. But the realy thing is the gameplay and story. They will be untouched! Still in their pure majestic beautiful forms. I mean, come on, we know Square Enix well enough to know they would almost certainly screw around with it and piss off a load of people with a remake, so this is just better.

Oh, and of course another important part is the fact it will be releasing summer 2015! That's like really soon! A remake doesn't even exist so releasing 2015 is better than never, but even if a remake did exist it would take Square Enix like 10 years to actually make it and we wouldn't get it until we all had PS5s (see Final Fantasy VS XIII).

Finally, this may well set a precedent. Good sales of this could encourage Square Enix to port the other Final Fantasy games to PS4 as well, what could possible be better than that?