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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

Game Boy Color / Capcom / 2001

Coming in just ahead of its Game Boy Color counterpart, Oracle of Ages was another really good entry in the Zelda franchise - and while it suffered from some issues that Seasons didn't have (slow start, way easier overall, and some others) I just felt like this one made quite an extra effort to stand out. The story was a huge improvement and it had a memorable villain this time, as well as the pacing after the beginning being very well handled as the script unfolded. This contributed to a very strong atmosphere as the Black Tower just kept the ominous feel throughout and always made you aware of the dangers you were facing, unlike Onox, who really was just... there. But as much as Ages did stand out more, it still wasn't enough to quite reach the lofty heights of some other Zelda games.