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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

Game Boy Color / Capcom / 2001

It took a while, but the first Zelda game on my list has finally showed up. Oracle of Seasons is one of the first two titles in this franchise that were developed by Capcom, and while I'm no big fan of their later efforts, they were off to a very good start with this one. This is a very good Zelda game, with some stellar dungeons and great exploration coupled with a really good soundtrack and overall atmosphere - it was also one of the most challenging games in the series. There's loads of things that stand out in this game, such as the Subrosia area, which itself contains one of the best dungeons we've seen yet, or the awesome Magnetic Gloves. However, for as great as it was, Oracle of Seasons was somehow forgettable to me, as it just felt a little bit generic overall. It was a fantastic game, but I didn't feel like it brought anything particularly new to make it truly stand out from the pack of Zelda games - but that pack is still at a very high standard.