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Rock Band 2

Xbox 360 / Harmonix / 2008
Guessed by S. Peelman

To be honest, the Rock Band and Guitar Hero franchises are what carried the early 7th gen for me - during that fad, I had little to no interest in playing anything else and after it was over, I found out why. The reason is, 90% (or more) of the titles coming out didn't have any appeal to me whatsoever. And though I've had few memorable experiences from my Xbox 360 generation, Rock Band 2 is one that stuck forever. Playing this game, either alone, with friends/family by my side or online was always a lot of fun and it was definitely the pinnacle of the music genre. This was also the closest I ever got to fully completing the achievement list for any game on the console - I only missed out on one, which was the crazy thing that required you to play every song in the game in a row without pausing. I wasn't sure if I could pause or not, and for a moment in the second to last track I had to stop for a while, and the result was that I couldn't get it in the end. Well screw that. But this game was absolutely awesome, and I'm sad I was only able to fully experience it for about 6 months (until some stupid lightning broke my Xbox 360's online) and then after about 2 years couldn't even play it anymore because discs (one of the main reasons I'm going digital this gen).