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Pikmin 3

Wii U / Nintendo / 2013

This is the first game I've played in this franchise and so far it's the only one too. Pikmin 3 was a fantastic experience while it lasted - the gameplay was fun, the visuals were breathtaking (especially dat water), and it just always felt good to come down to the surface each day and try to get more fruits and progress. The game was filled with great little bits of level design and the story was balanced in just the right way that it still gave the player a sense of direction and some goals while still keeping an overall sandbox feel. This title's shortcoming, though (apart from a very annoying sequence near the end) is just a lack of content - the main game is just too short, and it doesn't make up for it with replayability. In fact, it has very little replayability, as playing through it again is basically the same experience and the other game modes just don't really click - probably because collecting random fruits just isn't fun if you're not doing it for a reason, which is survival in the main game.