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Moyu said:
Manchester United has gotten 13 from 9 games.

Those are 14 (fourteen) potential points down the drain.

Good Grief Van Gaal, I can hardly say you are any better than Moyes.

13 from 10 actually.  He is actually far worse than Moyes at the moment. 

Thats 17 points gone already. 

Scrapping for 4th at best which after £200m spent in the last 14 months is pathetic. No club in the history of football has spent that much.

Rojo - Crap signing, terrible player

Shaw - 30m?  lol

Falcao -  A crocked mercenary.

Di Maria - Great player... but quite poor the last two games.  Lets see how he likes the North of England in January and February.

Herrera - Too weak for the EPL.



I'm not really here!