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Shoestar said:
Hiku said:
Shoestar said:
The flaws in game reviewing systems.

I finally got a chance to play Destiny (for about 6-7hrs)...

it's at least a 9/10.

I sense some sarcasm in the topic creators post.

I was unfortunately late to the party... I thought it would be dishonest of myself to not mention the 7 hrs(lvl 12) knowing that most have told me it takes lvl 20 to fully be able to get around the game and it's functions... That said, my 7 hours of entertainment at the time (now more than 11 and level 16), already gave me a fair value on the entertainment I recieved (compared to other games with higher scores). A lot of games which have recieved far better scores such as for example; Wolfstein received 100/100 by gamecritic in July compared to the 45/100 awarded to Destiny by the same review website.

7 hours is TRULY not enough to enjoy Destiny for what it is but is is SURELY enough to see a flaw in the review system of those two games... At least in terms of entertainment. Being 4 levels shy for 20, I still maintain that this game does not deserve the 45/100, 50/100 or 60/100... Personally, it is a 90 based on the scores 'other' games which were recently released got. However, tastes differ and I can fully understand the logic behind the game getting maybe up to 10 points less but 45/100 is either attention grabbing or just someone who is reviewing the game on other things than the gaming/entertainment aspect.

I see. I wasn't sure if you were being sarcastic or not, because one of the most commonly pointed out flaws in game reviewing is when people review and score games after only playing a small portion of them.
That said, regarding what you said about feeling Destiny holds up better than some of the above mentioned titles after only playing it for a few hours, it's important to remember that games don't only get better as you keep playing them. Flaws may also become more apparent more with more playtime. For example in Destiny's case, I hear pretty much every review complaining about the lack of creativity on the campaign. One specific thing that keeps coming up is how you use the Ghost to hack some terminal while holding off enemies, then kill a boss, and right after the boss is dead, Ghosty is conveniently finished with the hacking. Then on the next stage, the exact same thing happens. Again, and again, and again.
I only played the Beta, but I too recall this happening multiple times already in the Beta.
Another complaint I heard was how the game ended, and the overall lack of lore integration into the game, while previously this lore WAS in the game, but Bungie for some reason decided to cut it out of the final game. (Perhaps saving it for DLC expamsions)

Btw I'm not saying anything about how good or bad Destiny is. I wouldn't know. I'm just pointing out why it's important to play enough of a game before reviewing it, as both positives and negatives may be more apparent after more play time.