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pokoko said:

The post where you said third parties are biased against Nintendo, yes.

No, this one:

I even left that quote box in my previous post, so that it's easier to find for you.

Anyway, this thread is about Nintendo's path to success in the future, and more specifically, about one thing that they shouldn't do. You are one of those guys who keep insisting that Nintendo should suck up to third parties, but you also talked about mutually beneficial business relationships. Which is an extension of the second point I made in the original post:

"There's no sales data (neither current or historic) that suggests that multiplatform games are in high demand on Nintendo platforms. Any list of best-selling games will have first party software at the top, followed by exclusive third party games, followed by multiplats. Therefore it's preposterous to suggest that Nintendo should build their console around the games with the least demand; the result would be an expensive system that compromises the values that consumers are looking for."

So I ask you again, how would Nintendo benefit from making a high-priced console for multiplatform games that have a long history of not moving any Nintendo hardware?

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