Hawat said:
People mostly care about graphics now, this is sad that this make crytek right with their "games are 60% graphic philosophy". http://www.destructoid.com/crytek-says-graphics-are-60-of-a-game-experience-251434.phtml

Wut? No, no, just... a hundred times no. Gameplay >>>>>>>> everything. I don't care how good your game looks or how great the story is, if the gameplay is bad then it's not worth playing. Nothing — and I mean absolutely nothing — can salvage a game with sub-standard gameplay. That's why I couldn't bother finishing Mass Effect. It was a mediocre third-person shooter with clunky controls and unreliable weapons. It looked nice, what little of the story I got was interesting, but I couldn't bring myself to slog through the tedious combat. Meanwhile, I can play a game with no story and middling graphics so long as it's a blast to play. I play games first and foremost to have fun, not to be awed by pretty graphics or riveted by a story. While those other things are important and can help enhance an experience, the primary focus in game development should be to have a mechanically sound game that's fun to play and would be fun to play regardless of other factors. Even though it looks like ass by today's standards and has a horrible frame rate, not to mention the story is cheesy sci-fi pulp with voice acting that was bad even by late 90s standards, I can go back and play Perfect Dark all the time. I can't play a COD game for more than a couple of weeks before I get sick of it (good thing I only ever borrowed any of them).