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Resident Evil: Escape from Raccoon City is the latest maze added to Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights 2013, starting on September 20. Capcom is in on the fright fest, and it's helping Universal craft a world that begins on the streets of Raccoon City, in the area that kicks off Resident Evil 2.

Visitors will have to navigate a city filled with Hunters, Lickers and Nemeses, mostly pulled from Resident Evil 2 and 3 – "not the films," Universal notes. Universal Studios Japan got a taste of Resident Evil at its horror night in 2012, and it looked a little something like this.

Silent Hill took the video game spotlight in last year's Halloween Horror Nights. Escape from Raccoon City joins The Walking Dead, Cabin in the Woods, Evil Dead, La Llorona, Afterlife: Death's Vengeance, Havoc: Derailed, and An American Werewolf in London at Universal this September.



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