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Wright said:
bevochan said:
Wright said:

Sad that JRPGs nowadays try hard to reach one million, but good to see the support is still there.

Ni No Kuni is the exception, but recent JRPGs aren't that good anymore.  Although unfair, Final Fantasy 13 tainted and turned people off from the whole JPRG genre.  

I wouldn't say that either. The Tales of series is a great JRPG franchise. Demon's and Dark Souls are particulary niche and old-school, yet they sold pretty well.


It's just that the interest of this genre has been dying. There are few JRPGs this generation that have cracked the one million mark. And we're counting DS sales here, with Ni No Kuni, otherwise it wouldn't have made it.

Nearly all JRPGs are successful before hitting 1 million, that's not a universal benchmark. 1 mil would be a big success. These overseas sales for NNK are great.