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As the last king of the master race i Super highly recommend everyone go here
And BUY! Sonic and Sega All stars Transformed. It has 50% off and is only €12.48 A steel at that price for a game that only came out on PC not long ago and whats also one of the best and most fun Mario Kart style racing games on PC. PC also has the best version of this game much better then the WiiU and 3DS versions thats going to cost Double that in price.
It also has a great Online community on steam and a healthy one too so you dont need to worry about buying the game and having no one to play with .
it also has local multi player with up to 4 people that you can then bring online with you too if you want so its super fun .
Anyway pretty much at this price the is no excuse you guys should not own this game lulz xD.
Also go to this thread and post in it if you buy it so we can get a VGC tournament going for this game, pezus just got it a few minutes ago!, so come buy it and let us all have some fun and race tonight! xD