krafty89 said:
Hi i'm James or Krafty89 as my username states. As you can see from my avatar i like dudley, as fighting games are my favourite Genre, although it may say action games in my profile i like to focus on a few games at a time so won't be buying Skullgirls or Mortal Kombat but will be getting Tekken tag 2 when it comes out.

I may have joined last December but have only recently posted i don't know why its took me this long but i'm steadily building up my profile.

My gaming life began with an Amiga commodore 64 when i would play Soccer kid, Silkworm, Worms and Street fighter 2 turbo although i'm sure i won't have been able to do any special moves.

Then i got a PS1 and played games such as Metal gear solid, Resident evil and lesser known games such as Sled storm, No fear downhill mountain biking and Evil zone and Tekken 2+3.

Then i bought a PS2 and played awesome games such as Resident evil 4, Metal gear solid 2 + 3, Tekken tag Tournament, Tekken 4, Tekken 5, Devil may cry 1+2+3 and Prince of persia.

I bought a PS3 off my brother and then played games such as Metal gear solid 4, Uncharted series, Infamous (Yet to play) and most importantly Super street fighter 4 which is easily my most played game.

Consoles owned (Or bought games for)
Sega Megadrive-PS1-PS2-PS3-Wii
Game boy-Gameboy colour-DS Lite-PSP 1000-3DS(For 10mins to trade in towards my Vita) -PS VITA

Currently own-
PS3, PSVITA, Gameboy Colour.

Nice to have you here! Is this your first internet Forum?

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