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Nintendo cutting price of DSi to $100 and DSi XL to $130 later this month, as a means to provide "even greater incentive to pick up the systems."


Gamers on the market for a DSi or a DSi XL may want to wait a couple weeks. Nintendo today announced that it will cut the prices for both systems on May 20. The DSi will drop to $100 (from $150) and the DSi XL will be available on that day for $130 (from $170).

Wal-Mart has already put the price cut for the DSi XL into effect. The system is available today from the company's website for the discounted $130 rate.

The DSi and DSi XL price cuts will make the 3DS the most expensive Nintendo portable on the market. That system presently retails for $170, after its price was slashed by nearly a third from a launch price of $250.

Nintendo said the DSi and DSi XL price cuts will provide "an even greater incentive to pick up the systems," which currently boasts a software lineup of over 2,000 games. May 20 also marks the release date for Mario Tennis Open and the new midnight purple 3DS.



Does this mean that 3DS sales will decine again as people pick up the cheaper DS? Or will everything be alright?

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