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theRepublic said:
Truther said:
im not understanding the graph the rangers last game was against the cardinals in the world series

It is the last regular season game.

Sorry Truther, I was out and about and did not see this until just now. I just have last season up for now. I will update it as the season goes along.

Rangers. Such a strange team. They were strong in the 90's and went to nothing, now they are back again. But now the Astros are horrible. But I will never complain. I would rather the Rangers go all the way than the Angels. ACtually I would rather the Mariners go all the way. Unless you are a Mariners fan no one knows how hard that 2001 season was when we tied the record for winning games, then did not make the W.S. Devastating!

Anyone a Phillies fan here on vgchartz? I would have to go find the old Baseball thread from last season to see if anyone was.

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