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amp316 said:

I like what I see.  It's trashy in a good way.  How does the game control?

Wiimote/Nunchuk only. I hope I can recall all the stuff, let's see...

Basic attacks are executed by vertical swings or flicks, you really don't need to move the controller much. Each girl basically only has one combo that way, for up to twelve hits when properly leveled up (only four to six hits in the beginning of the game). Timing of these swings/flicks is important. If you watch the video, you'll see that the screen blurs at times and sometimes not. When it blurs you are doing it right and your attacks are faster and stronger (possibly also prevent you from getting stunned by enemies during a combo). The final and by far most powerful hit of the combo will only become available, if you perform a perfect Cool Combination combo. Otherwise it will be over after eleven hits. So much for the thing you will be working with most of the time.

Doing horizontal swings/flicks will result in swiping attacks which are slower and not as effective. Each girl also has a second stance that changes her fighting style (C button). In Aya's case (the girl you see in the video), she will be dualwielding and the nunchuk comes into play. Holding down the 1 button and swinging the Wiimote will unleash a powerful special attack that consumes a part of your health. Holding 1 plus Nunchuk activates a special attack once a bar is filled. Z is the lock-on, A in conjunction with the analog stick is used for evasion. Holding down B and swinging the Wiimote will get rid of the blood on your sword. A bar indicates the blood level and the higher it is, the weaker your attacks become. If it's full, then your sword can become stuck in an enemy, leaving you open for attack for a few seconds. +/- rotate the camera, the d-pad has various functions depending on the character you are playing. Throwing knives and the like.

There's also a berserker mode that activates once yet another bar fills up. Makes you stronger, but it also drains your health. Controls remain the same though.

In terms of game modes, you have story, survival and free play. The latter enables you to complete a variety of vague quests in the various chapters which unlocks new costumes. Four characters that can be leveled up to level 100 will give you quite a lot of stuff to do, but you have to keep in mind that you are basically playing the same eight chapters all over again. Eight chapters that are actually only four stages, because the end of each stage is used as an arena for boss battles. It really is a low budget game, but it gets up to 50 enemies on screen without slowdowns, so it's not too bad.

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