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RoskiGBCND said:
I'd love for the Blue Jays to win but it isn't going to happen.

I do not know. They were able to push out .500 baseball last year , everyone seems to be healthy as well. Could do well this year. Still, as usual they have tough teams to contend with. Wild card could be an option though. Which I think and still do think was a great addition to baseball. Give people a chance to show what they have in the post season.



Cardinals are always good! Kind of like how the Braves used to be. No matter what you would see them in the playoffs.


@ Noname


I am from Washington, but my enemies are the Angels, so I can deal with your Oakland doing well....just not too well.



As you know I am not from Illinois, just live here now, I have to go with the White Sox while I am here. Sorry Cub fans!

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