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Production Budget: $75 million
Domestic: $37,276,249 49.5%
+ Foreign: $38,000,000 50.5%
= Worldwide: $75,276,249

This movie has done very well world wide over this passed week! With the new Twilight movie coming out though it will struggle to make too much of profit. There should be no problem though.
Jack and Jill
Budget $79 million
Domestic: $28,189,802 91.3%
+ Foreign: $2,700,000 8.7%
= Worldwide: $30,889,802

Usually Adam Sandler movies cost about 80 million to make, but one million dollars matters little. Expect big things from this movie over the next month. Even with it's big drop this weekend it should still do fine.
J. Edgar
Budget $35 million
Domestic: $14,056,658 (America)
Not sure this movie is going to have too much of an appeal overseas. Although Judi Dench is in it so maybe the British crowd will be sort of interested. With out even mediocre overseas numbers though this movie could struggle. Even with the eventual DVD/blueray release.
Puss in Boots
Production Budget: $130 million
Domestic: $110,785,950 69.7%
+ Foreign: $48,100,000 30.3%
= Worldwide: $158,885,950

Does anything need to be said about this movie? It really was a big surprise that it did this well. I enjoyed it for a non-stop dancing and singing kids movie. Leche anyone?

That is all for now, not much interest so I will continue to post every once in a while.

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