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Boutros said:
The $250 million for HP was for Part 1 and 2 btw.

Yeah I forgot about that. Thank you. That is really good for the kind of project that it was! Some movies these days cost that by themselves!

Yeah Seece I had a table at first (not very good with them as I have never done them here before) but each time I wrote something in it the row would stretch out instead of staying the size I had it like it would in Excel.  Thanks for the advice!


Yeah years later most movies, even Cleopatra and Water World will make money. I guess I will just hold it to theater and DVD sales. The companies can do the hard work of making money later on. Although there are a lot of "B" movies that you will probably never see again even on tv that cost a good amount of money  to make.

Thanks for the feedback, this was the first one like this I tried, so its nice to see how it was.

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