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BenVTrigger said:

1.  His comparison was between Gears of War 2 and Unchrarted 1.  He claimed UC1 was better looking than Gears 2.  Obviously when I respond Gears looks better its using the two games he originally compared, Gears 2 and Uncharted Drake's Fortune.

2.  When did I ever in any way, shape, or form insinuate that Drake Fortune was ugly?  I directly said and I quote, "It's a beautiful looking game for sure."

Again, in your intial post, you said Gears of War in one area then Gears 2 in another. The mishap is understandable.

Also, I didn't say you called Drake's Fortune ugly, I insinuated that the analogy didn't work there (as in it's not ugly, and therefore wouldn't work in that context of "more polygons doesn't make an ugly game a pretty one").

It's a simple misunderstanding of words and I agree with your overall point of Gears 2 > Uncharted 1. Therefore, chillax.