Xoj said:
Soriku said:
FilaBrasileiro said:
Soriku said:

What the fuck, Fila? I didn't know you were so sensitive because I'm arguing with you on the Internet. Damn.

Congrats, you just earned yourself a report. I hope you're happy. I'll continue to be a little bitch and asshole. You can go away for a while.

Well let's see if the mods are fair and ban both of us, shall we?

Exactly what did I do wrong? I called you ignorant and you whined about it. On the Internet. I was arguing with you fine, then you proceed to call be a bitch and an asshole. Yet what did I do? I decided not to be childish and call you the same. I reported you, the thing mods want you to do.

you call him an ignorant, and that it's a insult.

Maybe if you're 10.

Man up.

Too late now anyway. Drop it.