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Beoulve said:
axumblade said:
Beoulve said:
Is pondering which game his gonna play next (finished the dreadful pile of shit that is Infinite Undiscovery today)

Wow. That's commitment. x.o Look at it this way, at least the next game can't be bad. lol.

Yeah, I sure hope so! :D It's between Fable 2, Eternal Sonata, The Darkness, Bully: Scholarship Edition (I already played it on the PS2 though...), Half Life 2, Bioshock or Devil May Cry 4... And I should pick up Dead Space again, but I've become a pussy with horror games the past couple of years :X

I think I might be in the mood for a FPS, I rarely (like never) play FPS and the last three HD retail games I've finished have been RPGs. I think I'm in the mood for something different.

I'd go for Bioshock. (I know half-life 2 is supposed to be awesome but I've only played a few missions of that and then I played Team Fortress and Portal after that...sorry I have the orange box lol). Bioshock I think is a good enough story to keep your attention.