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Landale_Star said:
This is the first year I've participated and I struggled to narrow down my list. Pretty confident about parts of it but I had a "short" list of over 100 games and I found it very hard choosing one game over another sometimes, especially when they came from different genres. Anyway, I'll put a few hints for my first five games and then go to bed.

50. Giant slaying wanderer in a cursed land.
49. Ready, lady gunner, spread your wings and save this dusty world.
48. Part 2 of a series that took a break before part 3, maybe we'll never see the sun rise on part 4.
47. The journey of a cursed king.
46. In this third instalment, one born of a dragon, saves the world with help from a sentient onion and friends.

50.  Shadow of the Colossus
48. Kingdom Hearts 2
47. Dragon Quest 8

Mnementh said:
None of my games guessed so far, so I should add a hint before going to sleep.

a) Turn-based or real-time? I can't decide in this newest entry in the series.
b) This europa is a bit different than europe.

a) Six degrees of freedom!
b) Robotic helpers gone crazy and taking over.

a) Build towers out of people.
b) Level up crazy much.

50. Valkyria Chronicles
49. Paradroid