When does Sony reach the point of no return in Japan?

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Hus said: and is any dev stupid enouth to ignora the FACT that PSP has more 3rd party 1Million sellers then DS ? that 3rd party Wii games are struggling to out sell PS3 games ?
It doesn't really matter, WHy? The DS has a much larger userbase that is growing exponentially quicker than the PSP. They have much better odds in the long run at selling more than enough copies. Same will happen with the Wii as it has happened with every other market leader in the history of games.

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jstam said: Your just plain out lying there hus aren't ya http://www.vgcharts.org/japtotals.php?name=&maker=&console=PSP Only 1 million seller http://www.vgcharts.org/japtotals.php?name=&maker=&console=DS 3 3rd party million sellers
I figured he was wrong with that. Actually if you use the software shipments screen DS has 5 3rd party and PSP has 6 for world wide total sales. However, all that really means is Sony can't make good games, there are what 10 Nintendo DS m+ games and 2 Sony. HA.

Just as a point ... For people who think the Wii is a fad and this will eventually mean that it will suddenly stop selling in the near future, fads don't really work that way; well most fads that don't involve children under 12. Most fads end up having a pretty predictable and remain popular long after they stop being considered fads. Typically they start off being something new and popular in a sub-culture, soon dominate that sub-culture and then expand well past the normal boundries of that sub-culture ... To put this in a Sales Perspective, if the Wii is a fad they would sell 18 Million to early adopters and dedicated gamers in 2007, they would then be sitting at 40+ Million systems at the end of 2008 and at the end of 2010 they could have sold 125 Million systems ... Now, most fads are considered over when the popularity begins to shrink as the people who are not normally interested in the product/activity return to their normal way of doing things; generally speaking, the product/activity continues at a higher level than before the fad began because several of the people who began doing it because of the fad will continue doing it. A way of thinking about it is that Rock and Roll was initially a fad, which has continued to grow in popularity because every couple of years there is a new Fad inside of the Rock and Roll Genre ...

Hus, hush, you need to get hired by a third party devolper, you have fantastic insight of the gaming biz, if all of these compaines who have being doing this for decades can't tell that the Wii is just a fad they are dumb. I mean why would they cut support for the PS3 and start doing games for the Wii when it's just a fad! One thing you may be right on is that for some people it starts as a fad but as more and more games comes out it evoles into something more. Besides like HappySqurriel said fads selling more in a even less time than the others so if the Wii could sell 40+ million in 2 years who would be mad?




In Japan, the Wii left the Fad Station on the Hype Train Express Lines a long time ago. It's pretty much on the way to Win Metro Area, it's just a matter of how much it can distance itself away from Second Place Town. Gamefaquery should also be killed on sight. I should have applied for the mod position. I could have banned like five people including myself in this thread

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Hus said: superchunk said: Basically, the PS3 will never catch Wii in Japan UNLESS it has a phenomenal 2008 in released Japanese oriented games. I don't see that happening as the DS and Wii are dominating Japan and any dev would be stupid to ignore that. and is any dev stupid enouth to ignora the FACT that PSP has more 3rd party 1Million sellers then DS ? that 3rd party Wii games are struggling to out sell PS3 games ?
ahh so that is why there is 19 3rd party devloped DS games on the top 50 chart in Japan this week? by the way in Japan we have at least two 3rd party devloped games for DS over 1 million: FFIII and Dragon Quest Monster Joker. PSP has one (1) million seller, Monster Hunter 2 Come on, stop dreaming 3rd party devs is making a killing on the DS in japan. Did they make this from the start? No they jumped on the bandwagon called PSP and they left it. Never wounder why? The same thing can be said about the PS3 vs Wii. PS3 has some good names behind it meanwhile Wii has a lot of quick ports often from western devs. So please stop your rant. I forgott: If wii will sell on avarage 50k a week until week 32 (start of august) then wii will have sold 3 000 000. if ps3 continues at 20k it will have sold 1 230 000 units. The difference is almost 1.8 million, and that my friend is conservative numbers. Wii will most probarbly at least have an avarage on 60-70k when the ramp up is finished. I think you can guess the rest, point of no return will most probarbly be in the end of august.



Buy it and pray to the gods of Sigs: Naznatips!

Hus said: fads always dominate the market... then they dies a fast death.
I think you just described the PS3 launches in all three markets Anyways, 17 weeks in, the PS3 has yet to reach what the PS2 did in 2 weeks. And this third party games argument just doesn't make sense. The Wii is selling like absolute crack. There's no way developers will ignore the "It" console. Most third party titles in Japan right now are either games geared towards NA or well, just really crappy games. The DS was the same, it was Nintendo games that made the thing so successful, and now it's THE place for third parties. Wii is the same way. As it's userbase grows(and oh how it is growing), I see it becoming the #1 console for third party Dev's. It'll probably get DQ 10 as well.

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Hus said: fads always dominate the market... then they dies a fast death.
I willing to bet you called the DS a fad too!




Reminds me of the people who kept calling the iPod a fad. They would constantly chirp about how other companies were making better players with more features, blah blah blah. They will probably go to their grave calling anything successful a fad.

There is no point trying to argue with Hus guys, I think most people can agree that he just sounds like a moronic fanboy with no clue as to the state of the market in Japan. His problem, not ours.