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This is funny as hell...And i just pre-purchased the game via Steam.



Sorry i know this is a bit old but i havent seen it on here yet. Just saw it the first time last week and this game looks great.

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Haha, that looks funny.

EDIT: This game looks cool.  It says it's an MMO, though reading about it makes it sound a lot more like Borderlands than anything else?

If I can find three more people to split a four-pack with me, I just may do it. :D  And if there are no subscription fees, no fucking way I'm ever paying a subscription fee for a game.

EDIT AGAIN: Half the game requires subscription.  No thanks.

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Lol fair enough.

If you want to play the best games you gots to pay and MMO are the best games there are lol.

Im playing this right now in beta...

LOL he blinds him with the laser

Global Agenda could be a great game.

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Can't resist...

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looks interesting.