What happen to Game sytems being game systems?

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Have you ever though about how much better these game systems could be if they weren't trying to be this all in one system and just focused on being a game system? When did it stop being about games and started being about technolgy, who can put the most stuff in there system? You could say it was Nintendo when they did online with Super Nintendo (Japan only) but then again online play seems to be a very big thing now? I guess I never really understood the point in putting all this stuff in a system,(even though listening to your own music is cool), so, what would keep in a system and what would you take out, cause think about it if Sony had the blue ray player as a add-on for 200 and drop the price of their system by 200 wouldn't it sell more?




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yup i completely agree with you, and thats why i choosed for Nintendo, it's as simple as that.

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I know that's the only reason Nintendo is cheaper because they stick to just games! If they did the HD graphics and all of that it could possibly be more expensive then the 360! Then Nintendo loses one of it's biggest advantages right now.