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What's the reason for this?

I can hardly see any threads listed so can't see if this has been mentioned already.

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Yes, I noticed this too.

Obviously ioi was adjusting some numbers in Others, but a jump that big has no explanation that I've seen yet.



I'm surprised too. Is it really that possible?


Already a bit of discussion on this there.

Not saying you shouldn't inquire, just best to keep topics consolidated. In any case I agree it was quite a large jump, so it would seem ioi was under-tracking the Others region quite a bit...it is of course possible that in addition he is now over-tracking also, but that is sort of the point of a continually refined process. He is trying to work his way to formula that works consistently and part of that is making changes to it and seeing if it works out..then making adjustments to fit the improved data sets.

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