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I know VG is a very active and very PC knoweldge area so i aheva question


how can i stop windows from automaticly popping up after they have finished loading and or have a note i need to click on 

Like I am playing a game at work and need to keep the window min’d but when my turn comes up a window pops up and takes the front of my screen forcing my attention and anyone else eyes to it


But its not just this game, say I was printing something from word, when it is ready to print I click that ten open my email and while I am trying to type a message to my wife the word program jumps back in say I need you to click to print then I have to go back out and in to my email


I am probably not doing a very good job here…..hmmmm


is there a way to keep this from hapening so that the window i am working in swill stay that window untill i select to go to another