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For those of you who have MW2 and don't know, the trophies are pretty much fucked for the time being. If you download the 1.01 patch, which you do need to play online, none (or atleast very few) of the trophies you achieve will be unlocked. As far as I know from reading the IW forums, if you don't download the patch and just play offline, the trophies should unlock fine.

I'm sincerely hoping they find someway of patching this and allowing for trophies that should have been unlocked to be unlocked, cause some of those veteran sections were fucking impossible. 

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The 1.01 patch for the last few games i downloaded messed them up bad. I was pretty far in Borderlands downloaded that and went to load my game and it currupted my file, and a similar thing for Ratchet and Clank

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Yeah, I heard that you can't unlock trophies from other players also.

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NicholasCage said:
Yeah, I heard that you can't unlock trophies from other players also.


Never have been able to.


Yes, i cant get trophies either. downloaded update 1.01 . My bro downloaded update 1.01 too and his trophies work. Good to know mine isn't an isolated incident

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This sucks, just ps3 I take it?


Ya I have no trophies and can't invite friends to play online

PS3? or 360 aswell?
rr thats abit annyoing

just great....

I don't know I got both versions but won't play xbox till this weekend