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Onimusha, stop spelling my name with two N's!

It disgraces my home country...of Montana.



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Mummelmann said:
We should make Hus a mod, for his balanced opinion and eloquent demeanor...
Or maybe there's a job for him at the white house?

 Lmao, funny guy.

This was just a thread to state how I felt about everything, not a mod bashing thread, so there's no need to close it.

Seeing as how all of this is only my opinion, it really doesn't mean anything. However, since there's no productive conversation to come from this, I suppose this thread should be closed. So by the power vested in me (being the creator of this thread) I respectfully ask that this thread be closed.




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If that is your wish...

There's no need to feel ashamed about constructive criticism. We don't want to be a site that bars down on our members.