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So, anyone have anything to share about it? There are only 12 owners here in VGC, reviews are mixed (sligthly above average) so I'm not sure if I should get it or not. I also read that the second one is better, but it's also more expensive so it's out of question now.

I'd like to know if it's a good game to be replayed. Being "good to be replayed" means it doesn't have annoying levels or bosses, such as the desert level from Killer 7. And I know it has multiplayer, but it doesn't really count, because I think I will have a hard time convicing my brother to play it with me.


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I bought Lost Kingdoms on a total impulse, I knew nothing about it but what the cover art and instruction manual said.

It was well worth it, partially because it was so different to the types of rpgs I usually play (WRPG's like Baldurs gate or JRPG's like Secret of Mana)

I can't remember what difficulty setting I played it on, but it was of decent difficulty, some of the bosses were hard but there was nothing insurmountable. I don't remember the plot being fantastic.

There were no particularly annoying bosses or levels to be honest and even if you get stuck on a level, if you die you go back to the start but your cards keep the exp they earned, so theres no way to get stuck on any level for too long.

There's a decent amount of time in 1 playthrough, nothing compared to FF or Fire Emblem, but better than the majority of games.

Actually, I'm gonna start a new save file on it. I would buy it if I were you