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92% would be my guess.

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selnor said:
I'm guessing at 95-97 meta.

With the greatest respect, you're simply delusional if you think F3 can get mid to high 90s on Metacritic.

It's a great game, and it will get a great average score, but it won't be 95, 96, 97, etc.

selnor said:
huaxiong90 said:
Bold predictions by selnor and dorbin, and I'm not surprised in the least (I didn't mean that in a bad way).

I predict 88-93.

aybe, maybe not. I think Turn 10 are bringing lots to the table. Video editor, dont forget the multiplayer stuff where you can customise loads of different types of races to your own lliking. Sort of like FPS's have done for years like Halo 3. Then theres those reviewers who aren't great at Sims who will be able to play Forza 3 well, of which I expect that to help with the usual Sim bad reviews because of boredom.

I think it can do 95+. Certainly from what I played in the demo. Guess we will see. It is not just an update to Forza 2, but instead adds gallons more to the game. Interesting.

Aye, I agree with that. Don't get me wrong, I'll be very pleased if it got a 95 or above, but I'm worried that some reviewers have super high expectations for this game (after all, Turn 10 did boast a good amount about the game, although I'm sure everyone knows it's just business). We'll see in the end, I suppose.

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Perfect framerate
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This game has it ALL

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I downloaded the Demo yesterday and it's the first time I've ever done that for a racing game, since I don't care them that much. But I was really impressed with this game especially in driverseat view.

This game is pretty sweet and I had said earlier that this may be the first racing sim I pick up. After playing the demo I can say without question this will be a holiday purchase. Review scores for this game should be very high.