Will GT:PSP STILL sell well? (NA Pre-Orders = 15K)....(reviews = average)

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I think 1 million at most.




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It all depends on what bar you set...

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I remember arguing a while back that GT PSP won't do as well as many are thinking. I'd suggest something like:

Japan - 350k
Americas - 550k
Others - 1500k

So maybe 2.5m in total.

1 mil at least by the end of this year.

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All things considered, to gauge GT PSP success maybe we should look at isohunt's stats rather than vgchartz's.

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6.8/10 on IGN? not looking good I think

"The reviews are basically not great......mainly negative"

Err... Nope. Metascore is 79/100 far from "negative".

I don't know if the reviews will really harm its sales, if it is indeed just an average game though then it's not going to get great word of mouth is it.

1 - 1.5 mill - Others

?? - Japan

300 - 600k - NA