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Mine would be Orcarina of Time(N64) Age of Empires 2 (PC) Gears of War (X360) Halo 2 (Xbox) Halo (Xbox) SuperSmashBrosMelee(GC) StarFox Assult (GC) SuperSmashBros(N64) GTA 3:San Andres(PS2) Advance Wars (GBA) Now I know some of them might not deserve to be there, but I had to be stuck on a desert island, and have my memory cleared about these games, those are the ones I would choose. Though I haven't played the old-school classics, I wish to do so in the future. Maybe I will put some of those on the list

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Starcraft (bw) Civilization Diablo EverQuest Can't think of any more worthy games :p

r2007 said: guess we're both waiting for good adventure games coming out on the wii...
Yes, I'm dying for them. Speaking of Telltale games has basically said their going to bring the Sam and Max episode games to the Wii's VC, and X360 Live Arcade. Also there is an adventure game based on an Agatha Christa novel called And Then there Were None, its also coming to the Wii. So it's beginning. Gamasutra had an article a little while ago about the Wii being the perfect system to bring back adventure gaming, so I'm hoping it starts a trend. If Sam and Max do well I'm hoping they use the VC to release old pc adventure games too. I don't see why the SCUMM engine wouldn't work perfect on there.