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where can i watch the show online?




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I don't believe there were any streams during the conference. However, they ought to be showing highlights and such of it in Home so you could try there.





MDMAniac said:
Munkeh111 said:
The reason I am disappointed is because this means very little for PS3 users. We get FW 3.0 and the video store in the UK, but I still want the UK PSP go price point and I was hoping for more games and BC... but oh well I can wait for TGS


Sad but true, Sony dissapointed their followers yet again, with GamesCon presentation.

Neither I would expect much from TGS. Yes, there is slight chance that GT5 will be announced, but as for multiple new games (bolded) the clear answer is no way. And no way for BC (another bolded), too. Sony is completely blind about what their customers want.

I simply have no clue what you're talking about. (highlighted)

Okay, so Sony just did the impossible and cut the ps3's price plus announced a slim. Yet in your eyes they dissipointed? Isn't that what the gaming media and *consumers* have been shouting for? They also have a fantastic (unmatched IMO) line up of exclusive games and show that they are working on streamlining PSN. Yet you say the confrence was handled poorly. What did you want? New game announcements and BC? Sometimes I think people will be dissipointed no matter what. Also, this isn't like the last gaming event for the year. In fact, GamesCon isn't near what TGS has been to Sony. Or at least that's historically speaking.

BTW, if you want BC so much, I'd like to inform you that a fantastic alternative exists for $100 at your local games retailer. It's called the ps2...

well said patapon

ps3 slim look = who cares, its cheap to make = profit + delivers games

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So you get a price cut, a new console with a better value for the money, new games, new benefits for being a ps3/psp/psn user, new games, GT5 and you said that sony didnt deliver because of ps2 BC? If what you want is to play PS2 games you can get one of the PS3 that have the BC, you can get a PS2 or you can use a pc with emulator and if you have a decent setup get great performance.

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