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It's in Le Figaro website, and it's in french. Now I'll try to pic the most important parts (with my bad english ) - Ubi believed in the Wii succes 2 years ago thanks to the DS performance, Nintendo creativity and Nintendo's 8 billion $ cash (He means that Nintendo has got the financial ressources to make the Wii a succes). - He thinks that it's difficult for Sony to launch their new gaming console and a new DVD format (the Blu Ray) at the same time. Add to that the high price of the PS3. - SONY was late at sending Developement tolls, that why the had only one game for the US launch (Blazing Angels) and plans to have 3 at the European launch. (Blazing Angels, Splinter Cell: DA & Enchanted Arms - No Oblivion?) - He thinks that the 360 and the Wii will have big market shares (Yes, he said big, not bigger) du to early release (360) and attractive price (Wii). For Europe, he thinks that SONY can be 1st or second so SONY has got to heavily promote its console Global market share for SONY will probably be less than in last-gen. - Answering to the question if the difference between the Wii and the PS3 is du to the difference between Iwata and Kutaragi: Yes, Iwata is a game designer and looked (while developing the Wii) after an easy way to approach and play games while Kutaragi is a Hardware designer. - In the long term, Ubi is planning to release its own anime movie a la Pixar/Dreamworks. Hope you'll enjoy

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