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Microsoft Exploring “Digital Item” Achievement Rewards

By Spencer . August 6, 2009 . 2:46pm

Are you an achievement junkie? Microsoft may be taking the system a step further by rewarding players with digital items.


A new patent application filed in the USA details a system which awards players virtual items if they can complete developer set challenges. To date recognition for achievements in Xbox 360 titles has been limited to gamer profiles and are “not transferable to another experience.” This excerpt from the patent explains what digital reward items might do.


The digital item may, for example, unlock a level in another game or provide access to certain advanced or desirable equipment, weapons, or the like. In another embodiment, the digital item may be an article of clothing (e.g., a football jersey for Madden NFL, a basketball jersey for NBA Live, armor, a helmet, etc.). In order to enhance the display of the digital item, an avatar and/or digital closet may be provided within the user identification which is able to wear the digital item.


Microsoft is pushing avatars which makes the digital item rewards program, at least when it comes to avatar wear, seem feasible. The summer update doesn’t mention this feature so you won’t see this program roll out in August.


What do you think about unlocking levels and bonus gear by completing achievements? Would it turn you into an achievement hunter?



Looks like they looking into making some achievements more tangible than just gamerscore.  Sounds good to me.

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Go Rare! Good idea

I couldn't care less about avatars.

sguy78 said:
I couldn't care less about avatars.

Which means the only thing you can do from this point is begin to care more!

So, uh, this is an application for unlocking levels, and getting an additional reward... at the same time?

I'm sure there are games out there already where you can unlock a level, a costume and an achievement at the same time.

Either way, not a big deal. WoW already does this by having some achievements give titles or a tabard.

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Good but i just want more gamerscore.