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^ becomes thousen.(tousen)

v shoots you with mikuru beam XD

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^ summons nagato yuki to protect himself

v throws mangas at you

^ grabs all of them and starts reading

v throws a buffalo at you XD

^ Places a griller a in front of himself, tranches the buffalo midair and grills it to perfection

v I use a kitchen knife to cut you into two pieces!

^ *becomes a zombie* *does the lucky star dance* XD

v pokes you 24/7

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^gets bruises an faints 24/7

v sends evil dreams about ichigo

^*never sleeps*

v gets hinata-ified!

^doesn't know what that is

V makes you hate any and all anime/manga/video game

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^ makes me like fast food, american TV shows and the american way of life

v sends link into combat

^ dies.

V gives you constipation